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Easy Export and Import

Simply export your plan to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Or create a PDF document. Import data right from QuickBooks. You can even upload to a secure, password-protected website provided by Palo Alto Software, and allow only those you invite to view your plan.


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Build a Winning Plan

Every page is automatically organized and collated to produce a bulletproof plan that gets results – all in the preferred format of banks, investors, and the SBA.


Customize Every Page

Create a plan that is unique for your business. Rearrange the outline and add just what you need. Don't be squeezed into an inflexible, one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter planning product.

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Collaborate With Your Team

Upload to SecurePlan and share your plan with collaborators or potential investors. Monitor who reads your plan, and when, with built-in usage logging.